Unnatural Causes - Dr. Richard Shepherd

Unnatural CausesUnnatural Causes by Richard  Shepherd
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I’ve been trying to weave more nonfiction books into my reading lately and have found I really enjoy medical memoirs. Unnatural Causes was high on my list to read, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Unflinchingly honest, fascinatingly told and impeccably written, Dr. Shepherd tells of all sorts of death, from serial killer to natural disaster, horrific murders to freak accidents. I read with a sort of morbid curiosity, expecting to be a little grossed out, but everything was told quite clinically. Although details are definitely not spared, Dr. Shepherd writes about everything–from the autopsy itself, to speaking to family members, to speaking in court–with a calm and sensitive air that I found myself really respecting.

What I found really interesting is that Dr. Shepherd didn’t shy away from the ways he’s been touched and affected in his pursuit for the truth. This book is a beautiful account of how his personal life, his family life, and mental health, suffered, and yet he remains committed to respecting the dead and finding the truth.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy medical memoirs.

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