You Can't Catch Me - Catherine McKenzie

You Can't Catch MeYou Can’t Catch Me by Catherine McKenzie
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A fun, twisty story about a former cult member who falls victim to identity theft after making a career-ending mistake. Dazzling, intriguing, and just good old-fashioned fun! This wildly entertaining thriller is chock full of impressive twists and a plot you’ll get utterly caught up in.

Jessica Williams high tails it to Mexico but meets another Jessica Williams at the airport before her flight leaves. The second Jessica is a hustler who extracts vital information from her and swindles her out of the bulk of her money. But Jessica one isn’t about to roll over and take it. Thus ensues a cleverly plotted cat-and-mouse story in which our protagonist must determine how far she’ll go to get revenge.

A quick, fun read that will entertain and engross you. I highly recommend!

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    Love to win a copy and it sounds very interesting

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