The Better Sister - Alafair Burke

The Better SisterThe Better Sister by Alafair Burke

A well-written, engrossing, complex family drama with a murdered husband, a courtroom drama and an intriguing who-dunnit at its heart. The story focuses more on the characters and includes a lot of courtroom scenes towards the middle, which means it isn’t as fast-paced as some prefer, but the ending was pure brilliance, as were the characters.

The sisters, Chloe and Nicky, are as different as different can be. Chloe, a successful editor, and Nicky, a whirlwind of chaos and self-destruction, are estranged until Chloe’s husband, Adam, a man who was previously married to Nicky, ends up dead. When Chloe’s son, Ethan, who’s biologically Nicky’s son, ends up arrested for Adam’s murder, Nicky and Chloe form an uneasy alliance to find out what really happened to Adam that night.

Sound twisted? It is! But who is really the better sister? And who killed Adam?

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