Woman On The Edge - Samantha Bailey

Woman on the EdgeWoman on the Edge by Samantha M. Bailey
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Exhilarating and evocative with a palpable sense of tension throughout, Woman on the Edge had me gripped from the very first page. This is one of those books that effortlessly ticks all the boxes: wonderful word building, realistic characters and a gripping plot that made me keep flipping the pages.

On a platform in Chicago, Morgan’s life is changed forever when a stranger hands her a baby, then jumps in front of an oncoming train. But Morgan quickly becomes entwined with the story when she becomes a suspect.

Woman On The Edge explores what it’s like for many women as new mothers: the constant state of fear and how motherhood transforms us. Nicole’s anxiety throughout is palpable and real, while Morgan’s sense of devastation at her past, and the way it is affecting her present, are genuinely heart breaking. It is about obsession and madness, motherhood and trauma. This is a debut you’ll want to slip straight to the top of your TBR pile!

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    Would absolutely love to read this!

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