One Small Mistake by Dandy Smith

One Small MistakeOne Small Mistake by Dandy Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elodie wants to be perfect, just like her sister. But her desire to ‘be somebody’ leads her down a dangerous path when she becomes part of a plot to fake her own kidnapping in order to write a book about it. While wildly unbelievable, the story is also wildly entertaining. There are no surprises here and everybody is exactly who they’re made out to be, and yet I couldn’t resist flipping the pages.

I enjoyed the fresh writing style combined with the dark wit, even when I couldn’t believe the plot twists and saw them from a mile away. The sub plots do veer into seemingly unrelated themes at times (eg the pressure placed on women to have a baby came out of left field), but the easy way the story unfolds and the short chapters made me race right through the book. A massively entertaining ride.

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