I Know You - Claire McGowan

I Know YouI Know You by Claire McGowan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Talk about bad luck! Most people don’t ever find a dead body, but Rachel does so twice. When she stumbles on the body in the woods while walking her dog, she knows exactly what she has to do: Run. Because 20 years before she found the family that she’d been nannying murdered in their home. She spent time in jail but was released on appeal, returning from America to the UK and changing her name. But when the current dead woman’s identity is revealed as her boyfriend’s ex-wife, she becomes the main suspect.

Flipping between the murder now and the murders in the past, we follow Rachel/Casey as she tries to detangle herself from both murders. The story is a fun and entertaining one and I read it quite fast. I enjoyed the dual narrative and the characterization of both Rachel and Casey. An intriguing and entertaining ride.

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