How Far We Fall - Jane Shemilt

How Far We FallHow Far We Fall by Jane Shemilt
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A Macbethian novel with a modern twist, How Far We Fall is set in the world of neurosurgery and explores themes of revenge, betrayal and ambition. With sharp, impeccable writing and layered plotting, this is a thoughtful thriller you won’t want to miss.

Beth finds a fresh start and a safe haven in Albie, a talented, ambitious neurosurgeon. But Albie doesn’t know that Beth was previously entwined in a passionate affair that ended badly with Albie’s boss, Ted. (We last saw Ted in Shemilt’s novel The Daughter). When Albie’s ambition begins to get in the way of his relationship with Ted, and Ted’s patronage begins to sour, Beth sees a way to exact her revenge.

Shemilt is absolutely masterful at two things: her setting descriptions and her character development. How Far We Fall is no different. I could practically feel the island location settling around me as I read and the characters were wonderfully flawed with very real motivations. It is certainly a slower pace than Shemilt’s previous two novels – think of a smouldering, thoughtful thriller rather than a fast-paced thriller – but How Far We Fall is altogether enjoyable, especially once you get past the first few chapters and see how the story and the characters begin knitting together.

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Penguin UK – Michael Joseph and Jane Shemilt for letting me read How Far We Fall in exchange for my honest review.

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