The Story of Beautiful Girl - Rachel Simon

The Story of Beautiful GirlThe Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Set in Pennsylvania, 1968, when people with disabilities were shut away and forgotten by the rest of the world, I picked this book up because the premise and plot seemed mesmerizing. And, truthfully speaking, the writing was beautiful. Unfortunately, the story itself was quite boring.

Lynnie and Homan have fled The School for the Incurable and Feebleminded with their newborn daughter, but the police are closing in so Lynnie gives her daughter to another woman, asking her to hide her daughter.

Perhaps this is just a more literary read, but there was little to no action after the opening chapters and I felt that the characters were two-dimensional. That being said, Simon has a gift for eloquent writing and I would look out for her next novel.

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