With or Without You - Shari Low

With or Without You: Are you ever sure you made the right decision?With or Without You: Are you ever sure you made the right decision? by Shari Low
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As the millennium approaches, Liv must make a choice: stay married to the man who’s become more friend than lover or leave her safe marriage and break out on her own in the hopes of finding someone she truly loves and the spark she’s been craving.

A charmingly written Sliding Doors-type romance, With or Without You looks at how different things could be based on those life-defining moments, asking are you ever sure you’ve made the right decision?

The first half of the story follows Liv if she’d chosen to leave Nate, while the second half shows her having stayed with Nate. The characters were authentic, likeable, yet flawed, dealing with the same things we normally deal with in life: children, relationships, growing up, love and loss.

If you like JoJo Moyes or Marian Keyes you’ll love this captivating romance.

Thank you so much to Netgalley for letting me read With or Without You by Shari Low in exchange for my honest review.

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