Thicker Than Water by Megan Collins

Thicker Than WaterThicker Than Water by Megan Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Megan Collins returns with a taut, emotionally charged, and utterly unforgettable tale of forgiveness, deceit, and secrets, asking how well we know the people closest to us. Haunting and evocative.

Julia’s husband, Jason, is the prime suspect in his boss’s gruesome murder. Julia’s best friend, and Jason’s sister, Sienna, knows her brother would never kill anyone. But Julia isn’t so sure. When Jason is in a car accident and put into a medically induced coma, Julia and Sienna work together to find out what really happened that night. But how far will they go to clear Jason’s name? And what will they lose in the process? Thicker Than Water explores this theme in exacting, gorgeous detail.

A mesmerizing, character-driven and emotionally-astute thriller with crystalline prose. Savagely gripping.

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