The Death of Her - Debbie Howells

The Death Of HerThe Death Of Her by Debbie Howells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my first book by Debbie Howell and I really enjoyed it. Evie was beaten and left for dead in a cornfield in Cornwall. When she wakes up in hospital she can’t remember anything except her name and that she has a young daughter called Angel. But as the police investigate, they’re not sure Angel actually exists.

A tense, atmospherically beautiful thriller, the story is primarily told from Charlotte’s POV, a friend of Evie’s from school who is trying to help her recover. The story is enjoyable, taut and twisty, as the police try to find Angel and find out who hurt Evie and why. All the while, someone is watching Evie, someone with their own twisted version of events.

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