Stranger In The Lake - Kimberly Belle

Stranger in the LakeStranger in the Lake by Kimberly Belle
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A moody, mesmerizing mystery that smolders with a brooding, slow-burn tension. Kimberly Belle has done it again! Stranger In The Lake is that perfect balance between plot and character, in which a girl from the wrong side of the tracks marries a rich older man, only to find out he’s carrying a few too many secrets for comfort.

I loved Charlotte, our protagonist, so much–a small town girl raised by a neglectful mother–and rooted for her throughout the entire book as she explores the shocking depths people will go to keep their secrets buried.

With a stunning, atmospheric lakeside setting, a creepy, mysterious vibe, a bevy of secrets and lies, and a couple of dead bodies that all wound cleverly into the plot, this thriller was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend!

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34 Reviews for Stranger In The Lake - Kimberly Belle

    Love a good mystery!

    Great review. You had me at creepy mystery. Can’t wait to read it.

    Sounds like a great book…. right up my alley. Love me a great mystery!! One of my favorite genre!!

    Sounds amazing! Thank you for yet another amazing review!

    I have this on my TBR list. I’ll have to find a way to move it up. Thank you for the review

    Sounds amazing and I really want to read

    Sounds like an intense book. I would love be to read it.

    An amazing thriller by an awesome author! It will instantly suck you in with it’s long-held secrets and battle-scarred characters! And if that doesn’t grab your attention, there is the mysterious dead body in the lake.

    This definitely sounds like my kind of story!! Awesome review!!!

    Sounds like a fantasy one to read & review!

    I would love to read this.It sounds like a book that’s going to be hard to put down

    Love her previous books! I am excited about this one.

    I look forward to reading this one!

    This is a new author to me , and I’m excited to get to know her books. This definitely looks like a good start fir me, the type of books I enjoy.

    Sounds like a good read and I can’t wait to dive into this one.

    Looking forward to reading this book!!! If Christina recommends it….it usually is a good read!!!

    Thanks for your review. On my TBR list. Now how to move it up!!

    Can’t wait to read this. Sounds amazing!! 🙂

    Sounds exciting!! would love to win a copy!

    I am dying to add this one to my summer read pile! Thanks for the chance to be able to~

    sounds good would love to read it

    Sounds like I would enjoy this one!!!

    Can’t wait to read this read one!!💯💯❤️

    Would be amazing to win this sounds thank you for the chance x💜🦋📖📚

    This book sounds like a perfect book for me!❤️ A definite buy!!!

    Can’t wait to read!!! Sounds like the perfect book for me

    Wow stranger in the lake sounds like a great book ! I cant wait to read it !! Stay safe ! ❤

    Loved this one!! Kimberly is another one of fav authors…just like you. 💕😊

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