A Stranger On The Beach - Michelle Campbell

A Stranger on the BeachA Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A confidently written, utterly engrossing thriller, I literally couldn’t put it down and spent the whole day absorbed in this book. With a gorgeous beachfront setting, an intriguing plot, and characters I just couldn’t trust, this one had all the elements I love in a thriller.

Caroline has the beautiful beach house, but her marriage is falling apart. Soon she ends up having an affair with Aidan. But then Aidan becomes obsessed with her. He follows her sister. Her daughter. He’s determined not to let her go.

When Caroline’s husband goes missing, we can’t tell if Aidan killed him, or if Caroline did. Because these POVs do not match up. One of them is lying. I truly didn’t know who to believe, even once I got closer to the end. I was unbalanced by the unreliable narrator, in the best possible way! A perfect beach read, but also worked for a stormy fall evening. I highly recommend this suspenseful, entertaining book!

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