See What Have I Done - Sarah Schmidt

See What I Have DoneSee What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt

A deeply unsettling story based on the true ax murder of Andrew and Abby Borden. Lizzie, the protagonist and Andrew’s daughter (Abby’s stepdaughter), calls out to her maid and alerts the town of the grisly murder. While the police search for clues, Emma, the elder sister, comforts Lizzie, who’s memories of the day are fractured.

This is a slow burner for sure. The first half is quite slow as we get to know the characters and find out that Andrew and Abby were not as kind behind doors as they appeared to the general community.

I didn’t like the characters – Lizzie was a sociopath, Emma was a weak pushover, John (their uncle) was a creep – but the characterization is well done and I did think the historical element intriguing. As Lizzie became increasingly distraught, almost frantic, it was difficult to tell if she was an actual psychopath or mentally childlike or just had learned to use people to get her way. An odd book for sure, but certainly intriguing for those interested in this true-crime story.

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