The Searcher by Tana French

The SearcherThe Searcher by Tana French
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A beautifully written literary mystery. With the charming Irish humor shining through, I loved every minute of this book. Tana French books aren’t usually ones to fly through, and this one was no different. It’s one to be savored, enjoying the dry Irish humor, the beautiful character development, the lyrical prose, the well-drawn relationships.

The Searcher is set in the remote rural landscape of western Ireland, which I loved, having gone to university in Ireland, and centers around Cal, a divorced American who’s purchased a run-down cottage in the countryside and becomes entwined in the disappearance of a teenage boy.

Cal is truly an unforgettable protagonist, an ex-cop who’s broken after his own marriage collapses and the ensuing difficult relationship with his adult daughter. But he’s restoring his new house and teaching local teenager Trey practical skills and building new friendships as he tries to find his way in his new life.

Slow and simmering, this is a beautiful thriller you’ll want to read slowly, appreciating like a fine wine. Atmospheric, elegant and completely engrossing.

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