The Sanatorium - Sarah Pearse

The SanatoriumThe Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A chilling, exquisitely written locked-room mystery.

Detective Elin is on leave after a traumatic incident when she accepts an invitation from her estranged brother to celebrate his engagement at a luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps. But shortly after she arrives, an avalanche cuts the hotel off from the rest of civilization. Soon somebody is murdered. Then somebody else.

Suspenseful, creepy and atmospheric, this is a stunning rollercoaster of a thriller. I loved the spellbinding prose, the vivid portrayal of the creepy hotel and the frigid landscape, but I especially loved the character development of Elin and her brother as the author slowly revealed their past relationship and why there’s so much tension there. Hands down one of my favorite thrillers so far this year!

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