River Bodies - Karen Katchur

River Bodies (Northampton County #1)River Bodies by Karen Katchur
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River Bodies is a compelling and dark mystery that shifts from a present day murder to one that happened 20 years ago. The setting is vivid and evocative, the forest and the river lending a fantastic atmosphere to the story.

When Becca catches her boyfriend cheating on her, she returns home to take care of her terminally ill father, whom she’s been estranged from since he sent her away when she was young. While she’s taking care of her father, a murder takes place near her town that has eerie similarities to one that happened 20 years ago. The story isn’t really a whodunnit, as we already know who did it. It is an intricate exploration of how the murders – past and present – affect one family.

I especially loved the emotional journey and the character development of Becca. Her internal and external journey were very detailed and completely believable. This book is for all you who love a medium-paced thriller with rich character development and an evocative atmosphere. I highly recommend!

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    Thx!!! I can’t wait to read the book!!

    Would love to win this book! Sounds like a WONDERFUL read.

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