Please Join Us by Catherine Mackenzie

Please Join UsPlease Join Us by Catherine McKenzie
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Stunning, propulsive, and sharp as a knife, Please Join Us is about a secret women’s group and the members determined to get ahead at all costs—just like men do. With a creeping sense of paranoia and full of surprising twists, this smart, feminist thriller explores women’s empowerment vs justice and the grey spaces we inhibit when success is on the line.

We follow Nicole Mueller, a hard working lawyer who’s falling behind at her law firm. Determined to find a way to succeed, she submits an application to join a women’s networking group. The corporate team-building retreat is filled with all sorts of strange things—hunting, bizarre rituals, testing endurance. But soon these aren’t the only bizarre things happening. When Nicole is called in to cover up a murder, she realizes that more than just her job is on the line.

This one’s a knockout!

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