The Playground - Jane Shemilt

Little FriendsLittle Friends by Jane Shemilt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Marital affairs, shocking violence, bullying children – it does sound a little like Big Little Lies, although I didn’t really find it was like that at all. While the writing and setting is vivid, the characters are pretty self-absorbed. The story is about three couples who are so self-involved they forget to look after their children, with tragic consequences.

Initially I found it quite confusing, as there were multiple perspectives and a whole lot of characters, however, the beautiful, atmospheric writing soon took over and I enjoyed the story. It’s definitely a slow burn, but as a reader you know that the playground is so filled with evil that it feels a little like watching a slow car crash before it comes to a satisfying (although disturbing) conclusion.

Certainly not a light read, but one that might make you keep an eye on your children, even when your own life is spinning out of control. I would recommend for readers who enjoy contemporary fiction.

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