Her Perfect Twin by Sarah Bonner

Her Perfect TwinHer Perfect Twin by Sarah Bonner

While this one is incredibly clever, I feel like I should start with some trigger warnings. Gaslighting, domestic abuse, violence, covid used for plot. You get a first person POV of a psychopath, and the things he says and does are menacing and pretty evil.

The story is almost Machiavellian in its cleverness. Megan confronts her twin sister after finding photos of her on her husband’s phone, but the confrontation soon turns to murder. The only way Megan can get away with killing her twin is by becoming her. Except then lockdown hits and leading two lives becomes a little dangerous. The first half is told from Megan’s point of view, and much of the second from her husband’s, and throughout we have no idea who will win, while rooting for Megan when all seems a lost cause.

The covid part of the story did turn me off a bit, as did the POV from the psychopath husband’s. Sometimes I dreaded getting back to the story. However, if you aren’t bothered by covid playing a key role in a story, or getting an inside look into a psychopath, this may be a good read for you, as it’s pacey, compelling, disturbing and sinister.

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