The Perfect Child - Lucinda Berry

The Perfect ChildThe Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Intense, terrifying and at times utterly horrifying, I loved this book and found it one of those cray-cray, intense reads that I just couldn’t look away from.

Christopher and Hannah have a perfect life except one thing. They can’t have a baby. But when a battered and abused child winds up in their ER, they fall in love with her and decide to adopt her. But Janie is not the child they were expecting. Lead down a rabbit hole of devious and frankly terrifying behavior, Hannah becomes increasingly terrified of Janie, while Christopher continues to be blind to her flaws, inevitably driving the couple further and further apart. Janie was pure evil, but I really wanted to slap Christopher upside the head! Kudos to the author for making me feel such strong feelings!

A fantastic domestic suspense novel with themes of how far a parent will go for their child and yet how blind love can be.

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