Not a Sound - Heather Gudenkauf

Not a SoundNot a Sound by Heather Gudenkauf
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Such an intriguing idea to have the protagonist be deaf, and by an author who is a complete master! Amelia Winn has suffered a traumatic accident that made her go deaf, causing her to become an alcoholic and lose her husband and step-daughter. As she’s trying to sort her life out and get her husband and step-daughter back, she stumbles across the body of a woman who’s been viciously murdered, somebody she used to know.

Tough yet vulnerable, resilient yet terrified of returning to her past, Amelia is a very sympathetic character who I readily enjoyed reading about. Gudenkauf has done a fantastic job of showing us how difficult it would be to have one of your main senses unexpectedly taken from you in a thriller that gripped me to the very end.

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