No Exit - Taylor Adams

No ExitNo Exit by Taylor Adams

Ok, this book was not what I was expecting! First of all, it gets pretty gory, which I normally have no problem with, but for some reason this just felt more…intense. This is actually a credit to the author, because the use of sensory words and descriptors was so impeccably done I actually felt grossed out a number of times.

But let’s get to the good stuff… Darby is a normal college student who receives the news that her estranged mother has end-stage pancreatic cancer. She hops in her car and heads across the pass, only to be waylaid by a massive blizzard. She pulls into a rest stop, meets some nefarious types, and then while she’s outside, sees a little girl locked in a cage in the back of a van in the parking lot. But who’s van is it?

A well written thriller that moved quickly, with so much action I barely had time to breathe. I wouldn’t say I was immersed in it really. I did have to put it down a few times and just go read something else, and the twists had me very much rolling my eyes in a ‘that is so unlikely’ way, even though I’m always prepared to suspend my disbelief – you sort of have to be to read thrillers. I’d describe it as entertaining and action-packed, albeit a tiny bit formulaic. It was an easy, enjoyable read that I’d recommend on a cold, snowy night in front of the fire.

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