Mirrorland - Carole Johnstone

MirrorlandMirrorland by Carole Johnstone

Anyone who reads this should know it’s heavily laced with magical realism. I do enjoy a little magical realism, it was to the extent that I really struggled with the first 50% of the storyline. It did pick up and I’m glad I finished, as I really enjoyed the ending. While it was too fantastical for me, those that enjoy this type of book will find a story imbued with a large dose of atmosphere, fairy tales, and family drama.

At the root of the story is a woman returning home when her sister goes missing. While there, she begins to realize that her sister’s husband, a man she had a relationship with when she was younger, is perhaps not the man she thought he was. She soon begins to question everything as the past and present converge and real life and fantasy become more confusing, and long-suppressed memories from the fantastical Mirrorland begin to emerge.

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