Her Last Lie - Amanda Brittany

Her Last LieHer Last Lie by Amanda Brittany

A creepy thriller that will have you double checking what you’ve put on social media! I wouldn’t class this as a psychological thriller, but it is certainly high on drama.

The only victim to walk free from a serial killer, Isla has rebuilt her life and is now a successful writer and photographer. But then she learns the serial killer is getting out of jail and she starts to feel like someone is following her.

I intensely disliked the protagonist, especially the whole ‘which man will she choose’ aspect. I found her selfish and manipulative, playing the victim card when it suited her and treating people really appallingly. I think, though, that was intentional, as she’s obviously had a lot of trauma in her past. Still, there was a lot of suspense and an overall feeling of menace throughout, as well as a number of surprising and intriguing twists that kept the pages turning and the suspense high.

A fast-paced thriller that will keep you up at night.

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