Last Girl Ghosted - Lisa Unger

Last Girl GhostedLast Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A chilling, unforgettably told story about online dating and the dangers it may pose for modern love. With sharp, insightful prose and clever plotting, Unger ratchets up the tension page by page until a gasp-worthy ending you won’t soon forget.

We follow Wren, a survivor with a dark and tragic past. When she meets a man through an online app, she falls hard and fast, only to quickly be ghosted by him. Then a detective explains he’s done this to other women. Women who have disappeared forever. She decides to help find the other women, but this unleashes painful memories from her own past. A past that won’t be buried.

A compelling, dark and harrowing tale that will make you think twice before swiping right.

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