The Last Breath - Kimberly Belle

The Last BreathThe Last Breath by Kimberly Belle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A fantastically plotted Whydunnit, more than a Whodunnit. The Last Breath follows humanitarian aid worker Gia Andrews as she returns home to take care of her dying father, who has been released from jail on compassionate grounds after famously murdering her stepmother over a decade ago.

Confronting the past, Gia must decide if she believes her father is guilty and why her uncle, her father’s lawyer, didn’t work as hard as he should have to get her father released from prison.

Told from Gia’s point of view with flashbacks to what happened with Ella Mae before she was murdered, Kimberly Belle seamlessly weaves a story between past and present. A suspenseful, emotional story of love, loss, forgiveness and hope. I loved it from the first page.

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