A Killer's Wife - Victor Methos

A Killer's WifeA Killer’s Wife by Victor Methos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A twisty, riveting delight! A Killer’s Wife is seductively vivid and an incredibly fun read.

I’m not usually a fan of legal thrillers, but this one was excellent. An FBI procedural-legal courtroom thriller, the story is set in Las Vegas, where federal prosecutor Jessica Yardley is drawn into a bloody case of a copycat serial killer. Intriguingly, the killer is copying Jessica’s ex-husband, a serial killer who’s now on death row, setting up a story that is a battle of brains between Jessica and the copycat.

Jessica as the main character is incredibly well done. A smart, strong-willed, woman who manages to not let anything get her down. Added to that is the portrayal of her ex-husband, Eddie, a serial killer who, you’d think, would be either absolutely hateful or wooden and stereotypical. And yet Methos manages to write him in such a way that he doesn’t end up being just a stereotypical murderer, but a human as well.

If you’re a fan of serial killer stories this should definitely be your next read.

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