How to Forget

Raised in the shadow of her mother’s recurring miscarriages, prosecution lawyer KATE has always wanted a big family. So she thinks all her dreams are about to come true when she and her husband GARY decide to start a family.

But then Kate’s mother ALISON is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s—the hereditary type—and her dreams come crashing down. Gary won’t have children until Kate gets genetic testing to see if she has the gene for Alzheimer’s.

And then Alison asks Kate an impossible question: one that will irrevocably change Kate’s life. To explain herself, Alison hands Kate her journal. While losing her mother to the ravages of Alzheimer’s, Kate reads the yellowing pages. As she reconstructs Alison’s life, she finally learns the reason behind her mother’s request. And in the end, Kate must find the courage to make a devastating choice.

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