The Guest by BA Paris

The GuestThe Guest by B.A. Paris

An expertly woven domestic drama that follows Iris and Gabriel, who, upon returning from a much-needed vacation, arrive home to find their friend, Laure, in their house. Laure has left her husband after learning of a devastating affair and a secret child, and she opts to stay with Iris and Gabriel, quickly taking over their lives.

There are many secrets and various threads that all pull tightly together, with a subtle menace brewing in the background. The mystery is interesting, although at times the characters’ mundane lives take over, down to discussions of what to wear, what they sit down to eat, having a shower, etc, which makes the pacing a bit slower than I’d usually read.

This one is different from many of the author’s other books, although is reminiscent of The Dilemma, which also begins with one premise that slowly unwinds until it’s all explained at the very end.

I was intrigued how all the loose threads would tie together, and the ending twist delivers, with an explosive final chapter.

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