Forget You Know Me - Jessica Strawser

Forget You Know MeForget You Know Me by Jessica Strawser

What an intriguing great premise! Childhood best friends Liza and Molly decide to catch up over a Skype call and some wine. But when Molly goes upstairs to check on her daughter, Liza sees a masked intruder enter her house. This one incident sets off a chain reaction of intriguing events that kept me guessing.

Guys, this is not a thriller, it is a domestic suspense novel, and as such there is less tension and suspense, and more character development and thoughtful themes. No, the plot doesn’t veer wildly from one plot point to the next, but you will get to know these intricately crafted characters and understand each of their motivations.

This book is about friendship, honesty and deception. It is emotionally complex and thoughtful. It asks if a debt can ever be paid and if forgiveness can ever entirely be given. With thoughtful themes and well-drawn characters, Forget You Know Me is a lovely book to read over a glass of wine and chat with your girlfriends about.

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