The Family Plot - Megan Collins

The Family PlotThe Family Plot by Megan Collins
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A dysfunctional, true-crime obsessed family, a long-missing brother, a serial killer, and a secluded island mansion filled with murder memorabilia: how could it get any better? Megan Collin shines in this absorbingly atmospheric tale filled with a magnificent sense of macabre.

After a decade away, Dahlia returns home when her father dies. But when her family goes to bury him, they instead find the body of her twin brother Andy, who went missing when she was 16. And buried in the back of his head is an ax. Grappling with her own grief, Dahlia also realizes the only way forward is to find out what happened to her twin.

An exquisitely written thriller with twisted family dynamics and dark, deadly secrets. You won’t want to miss this one!

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