Don't Look For Me - Wendy Walker

Don't Look for MeDon’t Look for Me by Wendy Walker
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Electric and atmospheric, Don’t Look For Me is so much more than a cleverly-plotted, beautifully-written novel. This gorgeously layered thriller is riveting, haunting and emotional, following a family broken by tragedy and asking if redemption is ever an option when the unthinkable has happened, or if walking away is really the best option.

This is the dilemma Molly debates at the opening of the novel:
‘Just put one foot in front of the other’ or ‘walk away. You can leave all of this behind.’

Her family are still recovering from the tragic death of one of their own when Molly goes missing. Would Molly put them through the loss again? What really happened to Molly?

A chilling and twisty delight I highly recommend!

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35 Reviews for Don't Look For Me - Wendy Walker

    Sounds like a great read.

    I can’t wait to read this one, love all of Wendy’s books.

    This sounds like a great book. I’d be so excited to win a copy and read it!

    There are days, especially these days with working from home and trying to home school walking away sounds tempting. I’d love to escape my stressful life with a good book. Don’t Look for Me sounds like a good one.

    This sounds really good! Thank you Christina for posting this awesome review! I have many books on my tbr that you have recommended!

    I received a copy through NetGalley and absolutely loved it!! Would love to have a physical copy to add to my collection.

    This is on my “WANT” list!! Sounds like a great read. 🤞🏻 here’s hoping I win!

    Have been waiting for this book to released! She excited and can’t wait to read it.

    I can not wait to read this book..Your review is very enticing..

    Need to read this book!

    So looking forward to reading this thriller! Thanks for the chance!

    Thank you for another amazing review Christina. This book sounds amazing and is on my wishlist. 🙂

    I’dike to read more. Sounds great!

    I’d like to read more. Sounds great!

    sounds intriguing…. on my tbr list

    I read this as an e-book….excellent.

    Would love a print.

    Nice review, Christina.


    Sounds awesome…. have to add to my TBR list.

    This like a great read. Thanks

    Thank you, Christina. This sounds like a story I would really enjoy reading!

    Sounds both scary and fun! Thanks for the review Christina…it’s now on my list to read!

    DON’T LOOK FOR ME is indeed a chilling delight!

    wow i cant wait to read Don’t look for me, it sounds great !!

    So exciting! Sounds like an awesome book! Cannot wait to read Don’t Look for Me🌹

    A new author to me but one on my wish list as this sounds super good! x

    I just can’t wait to read this one either! I’m into the gone missing novels.

    Sounds really deep! Love gone missing books.

    Can’t wait to read! Sounds so good.

    This sounds so good – can’t wait to read it.

    I love a book with lots if twists, one to keep me guessing from start to finish. This books sounds like a book ill love!

    Wendy Walker is a new author for me and I love the sound of her books! I will definitely be adding all of them to my TBR list!

    Amazing review cant wait to read x

    I read The Night Before and look forward to reading this one! Thx!

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