Die for You - Lisa Unger

Die for YouDie for You by Lisa Unger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gripping and suspenseful – praise for Lisa Unger! Die For You is about Isabel Raine, who is suddenly and unexpectedly betrayed by her husband, the person she should be able to trust the most. The writing is lyrically beautiful, the plot well threshed out and gripping, but the best thing about Die for You is the way Unger has developed her characters. I felt like they could be real people you might bump into in the street!

While Isabel may not be instantly likeable to some, she is certainly very ‘real’ and well developed, with the ability to draw you in to her story. Unger does a fantastic job of developing both Isabel and her sister, and I found the plot thrilling, complex and fast paced, all key ingredients to a fantastic crime thriller.

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