The Betrayals - Fiona Neill

The BetrayalsThe Betrayals by Fiona Neill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A stunning, poignant, insightful domestic suspense novel that looks at the dynamics of family, memories and forgiveness, The Betrayals completely consumed me right from page one. It wasn’t the pacing or the plotting, but the characters who draw you in. They’re dysfunctional, but presented in such a real way. We all have our positives and our negatives, and you see all those qualities shine though Neill’s characters. You see their flaws and you feel for them.

The Betrayals is a story of two families who have been friends for years, and what happens when the husband of one couple has an affair with the wife of the other couple, breaking up not only their families, but their friendship.

An absolutely, heart-breakingly beautiful story that was so emotional, powerful, and raw. And that ending…! Just…wow! I didn’t realize it would end the way it did, but after I read it, I knew it was perfect. A complete master-class on storytelling and characters by Fiona Neill.

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