Love Will Tear Us Apart - Holly Seddon

Love Will Tear Us Apart: The totally captivating new novel from the author of Try Not to BreatheLove Will Tear Us Apart: The totally captivating new novel from the author of Try Not to Breathe by Holly Seddon
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A sophisticated, graceful and poignant exploration of love in all its many forms. Holly Seddon’s newest novel, Love Will Tear Us Apart, unfurls slowly, like a rose
in the springtime, and is utterly, bewitchingly beautiful.

This is a complete divergence from Seddon’s previous novels, which were twisty, psychological thrillers, but I think that only entrenches Seddon as a talented, diverse author perfectly able to keep track with the literary crowd. This is not a fast-paced, suspense story, but is an intricate exploration of two characters who get married on the premise of a friendship, and discover how to make their relationship work.

The story centres on best friends Kate and Paul, who, as children, make the age-old vow to marry each other if they haven’t found love by thirty. When thirty ticks by, they tie the knot, but now, on their tenth wedding anniversary, Kate begins to question that choice, exploring the meaning of modern love and friendship.

Beautifully structured, perfectly plotted, and with Seddon’s distinctive knack for intimately knowing her characters, the story flows between flashbacks of Kate and Paul’s past, and their present, celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary in Cornwall with their two children. Suffused with heartache, love and emotion, this novel will force you to ask yourself, what is it that makes a marriage work?

Thank you so much to Netgalley for letting me read Love Will Tear Us Apart by Holly Seddon in exchange for my honest review.

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