The Night Olivia Fell

The Night Olivia Fell

A domestic suspense novel set around Puget Sound’s coast near Seattle, Washington, The Night Olivia Fell asks how well we ever really know our children, weaving together a story of family secrets and devastating lies.

A mother’s worst nightmare

Single mother, Abi Knight, is startled awake in the inky darkness of night by the ringing of her phone: her sensible teenage daughter Olivia has been in a horrific accident and is now brain dead. Equally shocking, Olivia is pregnant, the baby kept alive while she’s on life support. And then Abi sees the angry bruises circling Olivia’s wrists.

A daughter’s search for the truth

Certain the fall was no accident and determined to find the truth before the baby is born, Abi investigates what happened to Olivia that night. As she pieces together Olivia’s last months, she learns that despite her own hidden truths and her careful control of Olivia, her daughter had a life Abi knew nothing about. Olivia had been delving into Abi’s past, a past full of dark secrets, in order to find her biological father, who wanted nothing to do with Olivia. And then there’s Olivia’s love life, which was a mess, and her friends who weren’t speaking to her.

A life torn apart by lies

As Abi delves deeper into her daughter’s world, searching for what happened that last fateful night, another question weighs on her mind: what will happen to Olivia’s baby?

Watch out for The Night Olivia Fell to be published by Simon and Schuster in January 2019!

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