Jess Lambert - Book 2

Jess Lambert – Book 2

Christmas Eve, Last Year

Sixteen-year-old Alice Harper is heading home with her family when their car crashes in Killer’s Grove, a lonely, desolate stretch of road just outside Black Lake reputed to be haunted. When Alice regains consciousness, she is alone. Her family has disappeared.


A body’s been found, a bloody backpack from one of the missing family members with it. Detective Jess Lambert suspects the cases are linked. But as she investigates, she uncovers dark secrets that put her on a collision course with her very own past. Jess’s only witness is Alice, a girl haunted by her own ghosts. Ghosts connected to Jess in unexpected ways.

Someone knows what really happened to the Harpers. But the dead don’t give up their secrets easily. And Jess and Alice are now in the crosshairs of a killer willing to do anything to keep those secrets buried.


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