Never Buying From Sony Again!

Bought computer from Sony Centre on 1st October. Sony Centre were out of stock and laptop was ordered to be delivered from online centre.

The fan was excessively loud so I decided to return it. Steve at Sony Centre said his store is separate from the online centre and they don’t have anything to do with refunds and I needed to deal with Sony Online.

That night I got phone call from Sony Online asking if I still wanted to return it, and they organised collection for some time between 9am-5pm. My husband waited in house all day. Nobody ever showed up nor phoned to say why.

I called and was told collection was organised again. Once again (second time) my husband waited in the house, but nobody ever showed, nor phone call given.

Again, I called and was assured that a collection was organised. Again (third time) nobody showed up.

Throughout this process I called, racking up my phone bill, and waited on hold repeatedly. I would wait on hold for up to 15 minutes, only to be told that Leslie, the person who could do the return, would call me back later. She never called me back. Not once. So I would call her back, only to be told she had left building for the day. This happened on a daily basis. After 3 weeks, I finally got in touch with the manager, Gionvanni, who organised collection.

Finally, on the fourth organised collection, the laptop was taken away and returned to the warehouse. I was assured by Leslie, who had been doing the return, that as soon as the laptop got back to the warehouse the money would be credited back to my account. Three days later I called back because funds had not been returned to me, and was told it could take a few days. Waited out the week, but money was never returned. Then I got a call from Steve at the Sony Centre (separate from Sony Online) saying they had been approved by the online store to issue me my money back, could I bring the laptop in to them, even though the online store knew that I no longer had the laptop in my possession. Steve at the Sony Centre said he would call me right back. I waited entire day and was never called back. The next day I called and was told the manager was out of the office. My husband went in and talked to Steve face to face, Steve assured him that the manager would call back the next day. No call ever came.

So far it’s been 3 1/2 weeks since my first phone call, ₤30 in waiting on hold for a total of 3 hours, 3 wasted days waiting for collections that never occurred, 10 days since returning the laptop and not getting money back, and 10 promised returned calls where people just didn’t bother to call me back.

I am never buying from Sony again.

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